Here`s a Tales of the Cocktail seminar for everyone interested in Tiki!

“An investigation and analysis from the death of the Tiki Bar to the resurgence to the new trends emerging. ”

Do you wanna know what happened? and where Tiki stands today? have a few Tiki libations? then come over to this session and find out..there´s gonna be some exciting things happening for sure! i`ve also heard some rumours about smoked banana peels..

Moderated by our very own Trader Tiki aka Blair Reynolds..the man with the best syrups on the planet – will chronicle the growth of the Tiki resurgence and tell us how come non -Tiki bars like Death & Co and Naga Lounge has Tiki as a major menu component and other bars have Tiki nights.

Refreshing Tiki libations will be served and the ambiance as relaxed as should be.

The sessions is sponsored by Rhum J.M and Don Q.

Where and when?

Sat july 24. From 12.30pm to 2 pm.

The Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Read more here.

See you there!


  1. Lou Lou – I am coming to new orleans for the Sugar Bowl. As a devout tikiphile, I was hoping (Jonesing) that new orleans had its own little tiki hideaway. Like you, I want to own my own someday.

    Anywho, are you on Tiki central? if so, please give me a shout. I want to get acquainted and discuss this shared quest to bring tiki to our “not so quiet” villages.

    Vince Martini – TC User name
    Mark Hooper – the alias

  2. Hi Lou Lou, a tiki bar here would be awesome! I`m gonna make it easy for you to recognize me, look for Fleurtygirls Treme shirt! See ya there tomorrow!

  3. I was looking online trying to learn more about Demerara rums and stumbled on your blog. Coincidentally, i live in New Orleans and am going to only one of the Tales of the Cocktail seminars. That is tomorrow’s Tiki Now! seminar. Small world. I hope I meet you there.
    I have a tiki bar in my new house and just started collecting and stocking the bar about 6 months ago. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’ve bookmarked your site and am looking forwarm to learning a lot from you.
    New Orleans does not have a tiki bar and my dream is to open one here for the public, not just my friends.

  4. Rowen, yes , but its a good thing though that the tiki bars have resurrected because imagine if they had not!

    S&R – you might find new recipes to try after that tiki session..hopefully;-)

  5. I’ll be there in spirit . . . even if I’m not there to enjoy the spirits!

  6. Wish I could get to Tales but have another commitment in NYC. (I plan to get a good post out of that trip, plus much comic wailing and gnashing of teeth.)

    I miss the old Polynesian bars and restaurants. They were an occasion. I’m trying to remember when I noticed they were disappearing. I think it was when the old Trader Vic’s in San Francisco closed. It reopened as a similar place, but it was the end of an era. For the most part, they sort of faded away when no one was looking. Too bad — we didn’t know what we had. Much as I love the new tiki bars, there’s something evocative about ordering in Chinese food and making old-style tiki drinks for my friends all evening.

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