Aperol Summer Cocktails


Aperol originated in 1919 in Padua Italy by the Barbieri brothers and was originally produced by the Barbieri company. The recipe is an infusion of more than 30 aromatic herbs and spices including bitter and sweet orange and the original recipe remains unchanged to this day. Aperol was named by Silvio Barbieri after the French word for aperitif, ‘apéro’, which, on a recent trip to France he had learnt  and found it seemed appropriate for their new bitter-sweet liqueur.

The majority of herbs and roots used in Aperol come from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy and the recipe have never been changed since it was created in 1919. There is no aging and immediately after blending the Aperol is ready to be bottled. At the time it was a revolutionary concept to make an aperitif with an alcohol content of only 11% and as it didn`t become a major success until after the 2nd world war, it was probably a bit before its time.

The brand was purchased by “Barbero 1891” in 1990 to assist them in building up their portfolio of products and today Aperol is owned by Gruppo Campari (since 2003) who have continued to build Aperol and gave it a new packaging in 2011 while boosting the international marketing of the popular Aperol Spritz drink.

The flavor of Aperol is very much orangey and has but a hint of bitterness, like a whisper in the background compared to Camparis more straight forward bitterness that hits you with a force if you aren`t used to it or is sensitive for bitter flavors. Aperol is more gentle and would be a good first time bitter aperitif. I love them both.

In a rocks glass add ice and a slice of orange, Prosecco, Aperol, and soda to top, now you have a classic Aperol Spritz..

The Spritz cocktail is believed to have been born during the 19th century Austrian occupation of Italy. Originally the spritz was drunk by the german soldiers and was made with Venetian wines dilluted with water. The Spritz aperitivo spread from northern Italy to the south and many variations were made , and the most popular is the one using Prosecco.

And no wonder, its a incredibly fresh and tasty drink and it*s perfect for the warm summer days and balmy evenings or  why not enjoying a Spritz while visiting betway for your soccer game pleasure. Or why not at the pool or the beach? Aperol Spritz is a perfect, low-alcohol refresher when it’s hot.

Aperol is also the perfect introduction to bitter aperitifs since it`s much milder and somewhat sweeter than Campari, its big bold and bitter cousin. And when mixed with Prosecco, the slight bitterness of Aperol becomes even more subtle.

For the summer heat…at the bar, the soccer, the beach…

Aperol Spritz


3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 part Soda to top
Orange wedge

Add to a rocks glass with ice and stir. Garnish with the orange wedge. So fresh! so tasty!

Summer Night Sour

Summer Night Sour txt

1 oz (30ml) Aperol
1 oz (30ml) Rhum agricole blanc
0.75 (22.5 ml) oz fresh lime juice
0.5 oz (30 ml) orgeat
1 oz (30ml) fresh pineapple juice

Shake and strain into a fancy glass with crushed ice

Smooth like silk and fresh!