5 Minutes of RUM!

5 Minutes of Rum

If you love rum you need to listen to “5 Minutes of Rum” – which is notes of rum, 5 minutes at a time. It`s a great podcast that is just starting out and episode 5 is just out. You can find it on the web – here – and then you can also find it on itunes if type in “5 minutes of rum”.

It`s made by Kevin Upthegrove aka heylownine and it´s a great podcast and who doesn´t have five minutes for rum?

The five episodes are these and talks about:

Episode 1 – 

Barbados (wikipedia) Plantation rum –  Plantation Grande Reserve 5 years  – Ministry of Rum

OXO citrus squeezer – Beachbum Berry – Grog Log – Beachbum Berry Remixed


Episode 2 – 

Regional variations of rum – Don Q Cristal – Syrup bottles (Cost Plus)

Google search for history of the Daiquiri


Episode 3 – 

Regional variations of rum – Solera – Coruba rum – Coruba Dark Jamaican rum: Ministry of Rum –

A Mountain of Crushed Ice passion fruit recipe – BG Reynolds passion fruit syrup

– Monin passion fruit syrup – Beachbum Berry Remixed – Trader Vic’s Tiki Party


Episode 4 – 

Microdistillery (wikipedia) – Portland’s Distillery Row – House Spirits

Photos of House Spirits (Flickr) – Smuggler’s Cove Triumverate Rum

Old Fashioned Glass (wikipedia) – Aeration of wine


Episode 5 – 

Rhum Agricole (wikipedia) – Rhum Agricole – Martinique (wikipedia)

Martinique AOC specification – Rhum JM – ‘Ti Punch @ RumDood.com


So go and check it out! it only takes 5 minutes per episode! and you learn a lot plus there´s recipes on the website.