Here`s the second round of Mardi Gras drinks with the King Cake vodka…

The interest in this product is absolutely tremendous…and it seems like there´s a high demand for drink recipes too so here we go with a few more from here – easy to make yet good drinks which uses fresh natural fruit juices instead of chemical powder mixes.

This is a flavor combo that was suggested to me after i posted the review of the King Cake vodka – coffee – and especially New Orleans Community coffee. Now that`s a good thing, that`s the coffee i drink and i have several different blends at home so i thought, i need to try this.

I often use coffee in tiki drinks and knows how well it goes with pineapple so that´s the route i`m going. I was suggested to use Kahlua too so i`m gonna try that as well. It`s not that very often i have drinks with Kahlua but when i do i always enjoy and i do believe it`d do very very well with King Cake vodka and cream.

The King Cake vodka is sweet and has a lot of almond flavor so i thought that maybe the dark roast coffee would be good. If you don`t have Community Coffee dark roast use any dark roast coffee, it won´t be the same but it´s at least dark roast coffee…if i`d pick any substitutes i`d pick Hawaiian Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

So here are the drinks:


2 oz Lucky Player King Cake Vodka

2 oz passionfruit juice

0.5 oz fresh lime

0.25 oz grenadine (i used homemade hibiscus grenadine)

And if needed, depending on how tart your passion fruit juice is – 0.5 oz simple syrup or passion fruit syrup.

Shake with ice and strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and that is rimmed with mixed gold and purple king cake sugar.

And here`s for all Kahlua lovers:


1 oz King Cake vodka

1 oz Kahlua

1 oz cream

Shake it up and donate to a rocks glass with ice cubes, garnish with purple king cake sugar on the rim of the glass. Could be a good carnival day breakfast drink maybe?

And last…let´s try some of that coffee….


1.5 oz Lucky Player King Cake Vodka

12 crushed coffee beans…12th night you know…:-)

0.5 oz fresh lime juice

1.5 -2 oz pineapple juice

Crush but don´t pulverize the coffee beans in a shaker, then add the lime juice and muddle a little bit, then add the rest of ingredients and shake hard with ice, then double strain (strain into a fine mesh tea strainer) into a zombie (or other tall) glass filled with crushed ice. Have the glass rimmed with green king cake sugar before you pour.

If you want to you can use a good quality coffee liqueur instead of beans, you´ll get a more pronounced coffee flavor and a sweeter drink. I`d recommend FAIR coffee liqueur first of all, it tastes like freshly brewed coffee and it´s Fairtrade certified using organic coffee beans.

And by now the king cake vodka should be out in these stores:

Independent liqueur stores
Martin Wine Cellar

Let the good times roll!

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