Back to the Log…it was a while ago but after a time with other things going on it`s time to open that book again and keep mixing.

Next up is the Captain´s Grog – a drink originating from the Captain´s Inn, Long Beach California. from cirka 1962.

Its a mix of 3 rums, grapefruit juice, maple syrup,vanilla and almond extracts, falernum, orange curacao, lime and soda..what a mix eh? it turns out quite good though even if not my favorite of tiki drinks.

I wonder if not only a drunk tiki drink-lover would come up with this kinda mix of things to create a concoction like this and call it Captain´s Grog. Two differewnt extracts and mind you, be careful when you add these extracts since a very little goes a long way!

The recipe says 3 drops, well i used only one, but it depends on the extracts you got of course. But i prefer a very subtle taste from extracts which i find very easily can get overpowering.

Be sure to use genuine real vanilla extract from real beans and not any commercial artificial thing..actually vanilla extract is very easy to make, just let a couple split beans sit in strong vodka for a while, google a recipe and try to make your own, its so much better.



0.5 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz grapefruit juice

0.5 oz maple syrup

0.5 oz falernum

0.5 oz orane curacao

1 oz soda water

3 drops vanilla extract

3 drops almond extract

0.75 oz Myers`s rum

0.5 oz light Puerto Rican rum

0.5 oz  dark Puerto Rican rum

Shake with ice cubes and strain into double old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice or a Navy Grog ice cone.

Garnish mint sprig and green cocktail cherry.

Well i didn`t have any green cocktail cherry so i used a fern leaf instead.

This ice cone is a fascinating thing…and does not take that much time and effort to make, actually once you et going its easy.

I don´t even keep it in the freezer overnight, i freeze it for about half hour, then warm the glass with warm water until the cone gets loose and then take it out of the glass and freeze again for another 10 mins before using it.

Here`s how to make it.

The twist of this one i call Captain`s Vahine and its a bit different:



1.5 oz rhum agricole vieux (Clemènt VSOP)

05. oz Pusser`s red label

0.5 oz fresh lime

0.25 oz coffee liqueur

0.5 oz rich demerara syrup (2:1 demerara sugar to water)

Top with Ting

Float Pusser´s overproof (or use Lemon Hart 151)

Garnsih something green..(mint, or fern) and a white fragrant flower

Shake all ingredients except Ting and Pusser`s overproof and strain into a tiki mug filled with crushed ice. Top with Ting, float overproof rum and garnish.

This turned out pretty nice but not awesomely mind-blowing..;-) nevertheless, both drinks were nice and worth trying out.

The Captain`s Grog is drink number nine from Beachbum Berry´s Grog Log.