Its nice to be here in the Crescent city a week before Tales kicks off and all the cocktail folks from around the world fly in, it gives me time to meet my friends here and to just go around and absorb this wonderful place – so full of beautiful and interesting things to see, great music, fantastic food and so much creativity! This city got SOUL!

Time flies here, its only gone 4 days and i`ve been all over the city and met my good friends, seen Paul Sanchez, Kermit Ruffins and John Bouttè. I`ve had boiled crawfish, gator and shrimp cheesecake, fried softshell crab, fried oysters, red beans, white beans, boiled gulf shrimp, blackened redfish, shrimp roll, heirloom tomatos, figs, corn and gator on a stick, and oh yeah…BEIGNETS..,Abita beers, Dixie, Sazeracs and much much more.

This is the city of food, drink and music but also of soul and creativity.




I have a friend  and his name is John and he twist steel into the most wonderful fleur-de-lis and hurricane sculptures and pendants. (I wear mine all the time) you can see his work here.

Now there`s a shop on Decatur st just opposite the Central Grocery (where you get the best muffalettas) called Crabnet and today we went in there to take a look at John`s big sculptures which i yet had to see.

These pieces are part of the Hurricane Katrina collection. After the Mississippi area was badly devastated by Katrina and he started to make these sculptures for the vicitms of the storm and the proceeds were donated to the Slidell Alumni Hurricane Relief Fund.

And to put things straight – Katrina was a natural disaster that devastated the Mississippi area but it wasn`t Katrina that caused the levee failure which caused 80% of New Orleans to be flooded. The levee failure was caused by the Army Corps of Engineers – who were found responsable for New Orleans flooding by a federal judge in 2008. Still 5 years later there hasn`t yet been any investigation done. So you know.

The Crabnet is at 925 Decatur Street in the Quarter, if you pass by, go in there and take a look at these wonderful pieces of twisted steel, hammered by hand. If you can´t go there, you can always get them from the website.



Tony took this awesome picture!

Another amazingly creative person here is Lauren, aka Fleurtygirl. She makes the most awesome Nola style T-shirts and these are really shirts with yatitude!

Among them is the Sazerac Tee made for the Tales. Recently due to the oil disaster (i refuse to call it “spill”) she made a “Rescue me” Tee in a collaborative effort with Audubon Institute’s Louisiana Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Program (LMMSTRP) and 100% of the net proceeds goes straight to LMMSTRP.

It was so wonderful to see pics of the turtles that were saved due to the funding from this turtle shirt and know you were a part of it.


The famous Who Dat shirt –  a victim of many of the “disputed phrase” controversy that isn´t yet solved. I say Who Dat belongs to the people!

I got my turtle shirt earlier this spring and its the most soft and wonderful tee i´ve had (along with Fleurtygirls “I BeXLIeVed” ( I believed) Saints superbowl win tee..and i added the Treme and Sazerac Tees to my collection. The Sazerac shirt she made for the Tales of the Cocktail and can also be found in the Tales gift shop in Monteleone. The Treme Tee is made to help the rebuilding of a flood devastated home in Treme.

I was lucky enough to happen to be there when she opened her 2nd shop on 3029 Magazine st (the other shop is on 8611 Oak st). If you are around go and check it out, or visit her website.

These shirts are addictive!




Wonderful shrimps at Jacques-Imos

There`s a resataurant i want to recommend – Jacques-Imos. Its located uptown on 8324 Oak Street and only 3 doors away is the Maple Leaf bar where the Rebirth brass band plays on tuesdays. The food at Jacques-Imos is probably the best i`ve had here so far. The menu is very ecclectic with everything from an outstanding gator and shrimp  cheesecake appetizer to venison and a fantastic redfish. Their grilled shrimp is out of this world. The restaurant has tons of charm and character.



One of the best bars (and there`s many) here is the Cure which is located on 4905 Freret Street The cocktails are outstanding. One of the very nice cocktails we had was the Start and Finish containing Lillet blanc, absinthe, pernod, vermouth, averna, orange bitters and orange peel.



Who dat – two dat!