MxMo XLII: Dizzy Dairy


Time again! This months MxMo is hosted by eGullet Society – thanks very much for hosting! Here is the announcement:

This month, fellow Society members, we are the hosts for a Mixology Monday on the theme of dizzy dairy. Any drink using a dairy product is fair game: milk, cream, eggs, butter, cheese, yogurt, curds, you name it. Given the importance of dairy products in drinks dating back centuries, there are lots of opportunities for digging through vintage receipts for a taste of the past, and as always innovation is highly encouraged.

This really gives room for a lot to play with and i`m a lover of egg whites in cocktails, but i suspect many will use that so therefore i have chosen another route – butter. In the form of honey-cream-mix which is equal parts honey, sugar and butter, no cream even though the name suggests that. As one may guess, the honey-cream-mix is a part of the tiki realm of cocktail mixing. The most well known is honey-mix which is equal parts honey and water. A similar mix is used in Pearl Diver`s Punch.

When using honey-cream-mix its necessary to keep it just above room temp before you mix it because of the butter solids. The preferred way to mix it is with a blender saving ice for last and blend at high speed no more than 20 sek. Then strain through a fine wire mesh sieve and serve immediately.



1 pineapple, hollowed
5-6 chunks of fresh pineapple
2 oz tequila reposado
0.5 oz Crema de mezcal (Del Maguey)
1 oz honey-cream-mix
¼  oz orgeat
Ting to top

Hollow out a whole pineapple to make a drink vessel, the easiest way is to use a pineapple corer. Preferably use a pineapple thats is newly matured, they are less sweet. To easily take out the core in the middle, cut a bit with a small knife and/or twist it. Then take 1-2 slices and cut out chunks. If you dont have a fresh pineapple, don`t use canned juice…rather use a cartoned juice.

Add all ingredients to a blender saving ice for last and blend at high speeed for exactly 20 sek. Then strain through a fine wire mesh sieve into the pineapple filled with crushed ice. top with Ting and serve immediately.

Garnish a pineapple leaf and mezcal soaked cherry.


Take equal parts liquid honey, sugar and butter and heat it and stir to make a sauce.



Sugarcane bar http://www.test 413.htm




Does it matter what type of jigger you use?

I came to think more about this topic after i came back from the Tales armed with quite a bit of swag. There was a jigger in there from Uber Bar Tools (ProJig) and i started to use it. After a while i realized i had almost stopped using my old jiggers and that i felt pretty comfortable with this jigger.

So what makes it better? does it really matter which jigger you use? Let`s take a look first into what i used before (i  still use them sometimes)

I had three types of jiggers. The first and second i bought here in Sweden, and there´s not much to choose from here i can tell. The first is a 2 sided stainless steel ml measured jigger, something i got from the mall many years ago. Its rounded and quite narrow in shape and in my opinion too light-weighted. The second is a plastic ml measured tube, its quite deep and also quite wide, the third is the common two sided jigger purchased from the US Ebay measured in oz, rounded, a bit lower and more open than the stainless steel ml jigger.

These three types of jiggers are very common and i find them fine to use but when i compared to Uber Bar Tools jigger all of a sudden i saw quite a bit of a difference.Their jigger has pouring edges which prevents spilling, feels steady when pouring – and well, just nice to grip. I also like the triangular shape. Its made in transparent plastic and is two sided with 3 different smaller measurments on one of the sides. It measures up to 12 different volume combinations up to 60ml compared to 4 on a standard jigger.

I decided i needed to try out more jiggers to see if i could find a favorite among them. There´s one particular jigger that i used all the time in the US – the OXO. (OXO Good grips) Its not available here – and that`s very unfortunate. But luckily for me i have blogger-friends who likes to swap stuff,-) so two of those landed here just recently. You can get OXO at

The OXO jigger is very good, easy to use, wide and angled in shape, its either in transparent plastic or stainless steel (i prefer the transparent) You can also read the measurements from above. This one is very user friendly.

A working friend of mine told me about a jigger that i`ve never seen yet, its shaped like a pencil with a cup on, laying on top of the mixing glass, and you just turn the cup into the glass without having to lift up the jigger, but that doesn`t look so very practical to me if you happen to spill.

Now comes the next jigger i wanted to try, – the Japanese jigger. The two at Cocktail Kingdom is actually made in China after an old American design, but are the ones currently used in Japan.These are a bit different in shape, thinner and deeper, double sided, (1.5 ounce) on one side and 30ml (1 ounce) on the other. Cocktail Kingdom (Mud Puddle) has 2 varietes, one that is gold plated which is really beautiful.

But how good are they? To find out out i ordered one.

To start with it has a balanced weight – that is good, its two sided, has good depth and that helps preventing spills. So i think it´s good and even if versatiliy, practicality and user friendliness is the main focus and even if its not nessecary for your measuring results – i just have to say this jigger looks awesome..the gold one is a beauty.

My final conclusion is that the common two sided jigger, the one i started with is fine to use but if you want to feel really comfortable and raise the standard a snap i would recommend either the OXO, the Uber Bar Tools triangular ProJig jigger and then we have this beautiful and deep Japanese  jigger, these are my favorites.

The jigger is a very important tool as many cocktails require exact measurements and consistency, and precision & balance is really the main thing. Luckily now i have all my favorite jiggers around and a bunch of extras for those tiki sessions.

So what´s your favorite, does it matter to you which jigger you use?