The Carousel bar at Hotel Monteleone where you slowly rotate around the bar.

There has been so amazingly much things to do that i dont even know where to start  but here are a few short glimpses, every day has been totally awesome and very intense.


I’ ve had well crafted cocktails from the worlds best bartenders and i” ve tried the worst you can get here as well – like the so called handgrenades and the infamous (at least among cocktail folks) Pat O’ Briens Hurricane – i knew it was going to be bad but not that bad..they look prety but they’re cloyingly sweet and made from a chemical instant mix…almost undrinkable.

Far from the fresh ingredient original…

When it comes to cocktails this is quite a contrasting place with many choices which adds to the charm.


The best drink on the table was definetily the coke, the Zombie tasted canned pineapple  – and oh…have you ever had instant test-tube cocktails?

Anyway, if you haven´t done it and come to New Orleans you must try the POB Hurricane at least once – just because.


Or how about some instant cocktails-on-the-go? just make sure you have a spit-bucket around if you choose to try the less well crafted uh..drinks. Nevertheless..even though quality – as far as crafted drinks go may vary…the go-cups is a great invention!

Its legal here to walk the streets with cocktails in hand as long as they are in plastic cups (a go-cup) – so everywhere you see this and the signs – Cocktails To Go!



One of the best seminars so far has been ‘Science of Sweet’ with Darcy O’Neal taking us on a sweet journey, explaining the different sugars and we tasted many different sweeteners. There will be a wrap -up at Art of Drink. I`m very interested in sugar and found this seminar very good. We tasted all kinds of sweeteners.

21st Century gins was also a very interesting seminar led by Angus Winchester, Ryan Magarian, Jim Ryan and by Charlotte Voisey. We heard the history of gin and sampled many different gins. This event was sponsored by Aviation, Hendrick’s and Tanqueray Ten. Well worth visiting.

We tried about 8 different gins including Bol´s genever.



The cocktail party at the Presbytère sponsored by Diageo was one of the highlights and quite a blast, imagine 40+ of the top bartenders all in one place mixing drinks for you…i  even got to see David Wondrich in action with the giant ice-crushing hammer which i’ve seen in the amazing video where Chris MacMillan made his mint julep who i also had the pleasure of meeting right there.

I got the feeling that everybody was there sampling cocktails and the servants that walked around had their plates full with some yummy little snacks – there was one that carried some roast steak and chicken on skewers. I have never ever stalked a person before in my life but this time i did.


The famous giant wooden ice crusher.

Yes, that party was was a party not to forget. Another quite amazing party was the Beefeater 24 party – yes there were many parties during the Tales including our own and sponsored parties every night at the Mixohouse.

Can you party too much at Tales?


Beefeater 24 party.


When it comes to the seminars, the best i’ve seen was ‘The fine art of tending bar’ with Stanislav Vadrna teaching us about the Japanese way in bartending and also demonstrating the carving of the iceball, the stirring and the shake.

It was an amazing and very passionate session about japanese bartending and how most of all – how to be a good host. One that i will remember and i hope we will see Stan again next year.


He made the ice-carving look so easy..but it is not.


I also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff  ‘Beachbum’ Berry as well who i hope to serve a special Mai Tai tonight.

My friend Chris Stanley entered the USBG Caipirinha cocktail competition sponsored by Leblon so i had to go there and see what drink he had made, and we sampled many of the contestant drinks. Then we went back to the Mixoloseum house where we found ourselves in a giant party (what else?) with Bryan Davis of Esmeralda Distillery stopping in bringing his Port of Barcelona Gin and Obsello products to discuss and showcase with us. Our house was packed with people and among others i was pleased to see  Bobby Heugel and Martin Cate.

There were also the bloggers reception sponsored by Martin Miller´s gin held in the famous antique store, MS Rau antiques. Martin Miller´s is my favorite gin ever since i tried it a few moths earlier. So many things to do! next year i must try to get myself a bit more organized, as a newbie you tend to just float around totally stunned by everything you see and its much – and therefore you also miss many things.

The food here is definetily worth mentioning, its amazing, especially if you like spicy food  The tastiest thing i ever had in New Orleans was the char broiled oysters from Drago`s that were brought to the Mixohouse..i`ll never forget them.

Here is a gumbo and a poboy with shrimps – nom nom nom!


I’m soon heading over to hotel Monteleone and the sessions and i’m going to attend the agavepalooza among others. Its sat day already, time flies here but maybe or maybe not will i get the time to relax over at Morgenthalers domains using my new awesome sunblock that came in our CSOWG swag bag.


The most beautiful of all the balconies (galleries really and the wrought iron design is actually spanish) in the quarter if there´s such a thing as the most beautiful – there are so many nice balconies, galleries as they actually are called…so much tropical plants and flowers. But in this humidity and heat its no wonder they grow well.

I wish i could have a balcony like this..




Chris Stanley (Rookielibations) with his communal Queen`s Park Swizzle in the kitchen at the Mixohouse.