To my great joy i was asked to take part and join the group of cocktail bloggers who will blog the Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Its my first time to visit the Tales and i`m beyond excited, after all this is the biggest cocktail event in the world and i will meet all my fellow bloggers plus a whole host of people i`ve never met yet except over the internet.

There are enough sessions to choose from to make your head spin and as if that`s not enough there are more cocktails, dinners, parties, events than is possible to keep track of. Let`s see how i keep up with the blogging of this intense cocktail happening in the heat of New Orleans.

I`m going to try to keep this blog updated as much as possible during the Tales and the event that takes place a few days before the Tales that is Drinkwrite 2009.

So from now on and until i get back there´s no brand reviews, TDNs (except for the live SDN in New Orleans) or mixing of drinks at this blog – its Tales of The Cocktail!

Until touch down at NOLA..