I have written about it many times – how much i love San Pellegrinos amazing soft drinks containing fruit pulp, and one of my very beloved favorites among the San Pellegrinos is Chinotto. Its just awesome!

It’s a bitter citrus drink, it looks like a dark coca cola.Its made with a small bitter citrus fruit called Chinotto.(You pronounce it kinotto) The tree says to have originated in China and Chinotto is an essential flavor component of most Italian bitter liqueurs.

The non-alcoholic drink produced from the juice of the Chinotto tree – Citrus myrtifolia is called Chinotto and contains the juice from the tree plus other herbal extracts. The flavor is bitters-sweet, citrusy and well,very special almost a bit like Campari and Coke..or maybe rootbeer but it doesn´t taste like coke – more then like a cross between coke and herbal rootbeer.I believe Chinotto is an aquired taste..just like so many others of the bitter Italian inventions –Campari, Fernet Branca etc.

There are many brands of Chinotto apart from San Pellegrino – Chinotto Neri (Italy), Fanta-Chinotto (by Coca-Cola and which i`ve heard isn`t very good) in Malta you can buy Kinnie, in Canada there`s a brand called Brio and there are many others.

I mixed Martin Miller´s gin and topped with Chinotto, stirred with ice and garnished with a orange wedge.It turned out very refreshing and tasty.Another fine drink with Chinotto is mixing it with dark rum. Chinotto is sweetened with natural sugar and not high-fructose-corn-syrup so rum and Chinotto goes very well together and makes a sort of ”old fashioned” style rum and coke – even if its not coke at all.





1.5 oz Martin Miller´s Gin

Ice cubes

Top with San Pellegrino Chinotto

Orange wedge

Stir with ice and top with Chinotto, enjoy!

I also have to add this link because i found it quite amazing, you can make home-made sausages with chinotto too 🙂

Have you tried Chinotto and how do you like it?