Tikidrinks tends to have funny and mystical names that sparks your imagination – Shrunken Skull, Suffering Bastard, Polynesian Paralyzis, Zombie, Planet of the Apes, Last Rites, Mystic Lamp etc) and i think one of the most interesting names is the Missionary´s downfall.

Where and how it was named i don`t know, but i guess it must have been provocative to some. It was made by Don the Beachcomber in cirka 1948. The name of this drink was also changed to Missionary´s Doom in the cocktail menu of the newly opened Mai-Kai in 1956 in Fort Lauderdale – at that time serving about 1000 customers a night. It`s one of the tastiest tikidrinks out there and is one of my favorites.

Its also one of the first tikidrinks i made for some reason. I first found it in Grog Log (page 52) I think what makes it so fresh tasting is the combination of fresh mint, fresh pineapple and peach brandy paired with a good white rum. The recipe calls for light Puerto Rican rum  but that can be subbed with another good white rum.


4 whole fresh sprigs of mint

1/2 slice fresh pineapple

1.5 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz peach brandy

1/4 oz simple syrup

1 oz white rum

Strip mint leaves from sprigs and discard stems. Place leaves in blender with all other ingresients and 14 ounces of crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass or tall tiki mug. This drink is a dream of freshness and its light as opposed to many other tikidrinks which are very strong.


Okole maluna!