February – dubbed the “tiki month” by Doug Tiki Doug is soon reaching its end. That will not mean that my posting of tikidrinks will reach its end..they will always be present as they are a part of my life. But to “finish” this tiki-month and to find a reason to try out my newly made batch of vanilla orgeat i took up my copy of Grog Log and found a drink with a interesting name, “Polynesian Paralyzis”.

It was a H Allen Smtih who in his book “Waikiki Beachnik” diagnosed the symptoms of polynesian paralyzis as a “screaming desire not to work or do anything that requires any physical or mental efforts” (!) Reading further i also get to learn about the most extreme case of this “disease” at that time (1920) called “Waikiki pip” – being that of Duke of Windsor who went on to renounce the throne of England.. Curious of the effects of this drink which was given such a name i went on to mix it,safely on a saturday night.

Unfortunatley one of the ingredients called for is an ingredient i really would like to get a chance to taste someday, its called Okolehao and is a an 80 proof Hawaiian liquor made from a mash of the ti plant and is known on the islands as oke, unfortunately not made anymore. I remember reading at some point that oke was going to be produced again but haven`t heard anything more about it. There´s a thread on Tiki Central about it for those who would like to read.

I haven`t played with fire for too long so i added a half passionfruit shell filled with JWray soaked croutons and set alight. Flaming tikidrinks really are impressive when served in a dark room.

Here is the recipe:


3 oz fresh orange juice ( i used blood orange)

3 oz insweetened pineapple juice

1 oz sweet & sour ( i added half simple syrup, half fresh lemon and lime juice)

0.5 oz orgeat

3 oz Martinique rum ( i used Clèment VSOP)

0.75 oz JWray overproof rum and 3-4 croutons

Blend with 12 oz crushed ice for 5 sec. Pour into tiki bowl (or mug) I garnished with a blood orange slice and a half passionfruit shell with JWray soaked croutons on fire.

I find this drink refreshing due to the agricole rum`s grassy flavor and paired with fresh orange juice and orgeat its really nice. Its quite strong so after 2 or 3 of these you`ll have enough. After one at least I didn`t feel like being too active so the name is quite fitting, maybe only the zombie is worse, or the spindrift which is 0.5 oz stronger.

Is there any other tiki drinks that are strong like these?